On the marvelous "she effect"

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She - Charles Aznavour and Herbert Kretzmer
(improvised instrumental version)

Nothing can make a man as defenseless as a beloved "she" from who nothing else prevails over the acknowledgement of the perfect singularity of being alive.

The appeal is so strong that everything in his life will be affected by the chance of having seen a so divine creature. By the chance of keep seeing her.

Without means to fully control this impetuosity, he will drive himself in a desperate quest to find definitions, to find words, so that a suitable scale that finally would make his transcendent and striking intensity of feeling at last truly transmitted.

For her, he will be tempted to interfere with the course of his life. He will do everything to maximize the exposition to such a breath-taking creature. He will be even tempted to change the course of time, as if it was possible either to suspend it and to accelerate in accordance with his expectations to meet his "she".

This may be called love. This may be called life. This may be called whatever anyone would wish to call, because a definitive definition for the "she effect" is still to emerge.

Beauty is the inspiration. Love is the motivation. Life is the situation that you are given to make all this happen.

Let it be: you won’t forget, you won't regret.

She is the compensation for all the tears and all the hurting that his life has provided him and that he carries so hardly with him, sometimes in a solemn silence and solitude.

Only she can heal him. That's why she is enough to fulfill his existence.

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