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While weigh becomes a serious problem to our society, being motive of sickness and of social disintegration, I take the opportunity to mention something very intriguing concerning to alimentation habits.
According to my personal experience, I realised that there is a common confusion in my mind that relates hungriness with the will to taste something. Chocolate is one of the most popular and desired products and I chose it to clarify the confusion I mentioned. If the reason for such passion is the flavour of chocolate as well as its property to melt at mouth temperature, how can we explain that many people prefer to eat it in quantities, a kind of avid devastation that bars the appreciation time of that product in mouth? The confusion resides exactly on the indistinction of hunger and pleasure to taste and fill the flavour.
The example is very representative of what may happen with other food and products, that also might suffer identical approaches. In addition there is a necessity to pay attention and understand the real differences behind those two objectives, because otherwise our progressively easier way to buy food in quantity will lead to a problematic relation with food.
Once forced, the distinction can help our mind to make it clear that many and many times our wish is more about breaking the monotony of mouth sensitive receptors than packing inside huge quantities of food.
A bubble gum is something that I believe it is used based in this confusion to solve some problems. By cheating our brain with the flavour of the gum, the hungriness is delayed or decreased. However, in this case we have an inverted use of the confusion: if in the chocolate situation the will of tasting leads to feeding and an unreal hungriness, in the second one, the bubble gum uses the confusion to avoid hungriness by guaranteeing a longer taste in mouth.

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