Sobre a criação de perspetivas e convicções duradouras, à margem de tagarelice e ruído, de acordo com Barack Obama

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Espacio limitado - Carlos Rojas (1968)

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"Let me tell you, this is a fun job.

Every day I wake up and I get a bird's eye view on what's going on everywhere in the world.
I can have as much of an impact on the things that are important to people as anybody on the planet.

You know, if you're applying yourself steadily every single day to the job and you're keeping your North Star which is, when I leave this office I want things to be a little bit better, then the day to day criticism, the chatter, the noise, is something that you end up blocking out.

And the longer you're in the job the more you're likely to take the long view."

Barack Obama, 16/03/2015, em entrevista ao Vice News

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