About the challenge of nudity

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Our sense of nudity seems to be suffering a progressive change, as society evolves day by day to a higher tolerance of the nude state.
The tolerance is constructed based in personal experiences, that’s why new generations feel very comfortable showing some parts of he body that could easily shock their grandparents. The sense of nudity is a consequence of our ancient wearing traditions, that existed to protect against weather and dangers. I have serious doubts about if pre-historical populations had really the genital parts of their bodies covered, like I can find in primary school manuals.
I strongly believe that the coverage of the body with other purposes than the ones mentioned appeared as consequence of the change to a less animal life, so that sexual wild spirit could lose its constancy and open doors to different activities with no sexual connections at all.
What we assist now, after two motives to dress up, is a motive to undress: this thirsty-for-strong-impacts society faces nudity as a challenge. By putting in check the level of dignity, we are now reaching a natural limit of nudity. It is interesting at this point to clarify that when we accost nudity, our brains associate that word with sexual content, despite by nudity we should consider just an unsafe disposition of the body to what is external. That’s cultural.
Predictions are not a personal usual practice, but I suspect that by reaching this limit of nudity we can hardly go further without breaking the barrier of explicit. My guess for the future, if it is allowed to have one, is that our society will be tempted to attack a type a nudity that has no precedents is History, that is the mental nudity. With so intensive investigations in psychological activity and such hunger of technology for easir communication, that break private life, I think we will have courage to try to undress people brains, keeping the challenge on.

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