Sobre a vida pós-paixão, e os gestos e hábitos que celebram um amor amadurecido e consequente, segundo F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Out of my skin (2) - Mircea Suciu (2016)

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"The idyl passed, bearing with it its exortion of youth. Came a day when Gloria found that other men no longer bored her; came a day when Anthony discovered that he could sit again late into the evening, talking with Dick of those tremendous abstractions that had once occupied his world. But, knowing they had the best of love, they clung to what remained. Love lingered - by way of long conversations at night into those stark hours when the mind thinks and sharpens and the borrowings from dreams becomes the stuff of all life, by way of deep and intimate kindnesses they developed towards each other, by way of their laughing at the same absurdities and thinking the same things noble and the same things sad."

The Beautiful and Damned - F. Scott Fitzgerald

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