Sobre a relativização do tempo e espaço nos noticiários internacionais (Luc de Brabandere), e a importância desigual destes com o contexto

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untitled - Jun Kaneko (2017)

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« CNN makes a mockery of time zones like a fly makes mockery of an air pocket. CNN clocks only have one hand – the minute hand. The right is news time, and that’s all that matters. The newsreaders don’t say “good morning” because there’s no morning, and they don’t say “good evening”  because there’s no evening. They’ll say “it’s night-time in America, midday in the Middle East, and morning in Europe”, or something like that. They say “welcome” 24 hours a day and they don’t say “good-bye” but “see you soon”. On CNN, time doesn’t exist any more than space does. Where are all these mornings and evening speakers, anyway? In the United States, in “duplex” on mission, or on a time delay? CNN is perpetual-motion media. The clock has only one hand. »

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