About abstract skills and their worth

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For some people it might be a bit incomprehensible the importance of developing abstract skills. One question I used to make while in high school was about the pertinence of learning some subjects, since I couldn’t find any practical use for that information. Once at university, I have discovered a text containing an explanation for my doubt: the practical relevance of some matters is not the potential applicability, the goal is achieving the mental elasticity that allow you to deal with that questions, a mental path that once discovered and improved can increase the power of the mind towards more complex thinking.
Keeping this present on my memory for a while, I return now to add something new. Some proofs of this lack of abstract skills are becoming very obvious to me when I reflect about people that need sensible stimulus to be touched by some questions of life. Knowing previously that the reasons are not only the ones I will mention, I can not avoid saying a part of our insensitiveness about the world, particularly about violence, poorness, hungriness or pollution and planet warming come from this absence of virtue concerning to abstract thoughts. A big slice of population need a documentary like “An inconvenient truth” or a strongly televised campaign about people suffering around the world to turning on the solidarity existing somewhere inside. The floods in Indonesia, that killed thousand of people were other evident example of such need to contextualize the problems.
The physical distance to problems, that let us primitively believe the problems are not of our concern, is the same mental distance that I used to question when dealing with some abstract surveys: if people do not develop mental tools to solve problems that may or may not have a connection to personal reality and context of life, this only will make that people even more dependent of external stimulus in order to correct the lack of abstract touch about problems existence.

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