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I found an article in a magazine in which were explored some recent results and ideas concerning to music preferences and its relation to the personality of each listener. The text made me reflect about the problematic tendency to assume linearity across matters so subjective as those including man and his choices.
It is a really danger floor the one of linearity, where the risk to fail or fraud keep a suspicious presence beyond the featured conclusions.
I am afraid we can not assume that a person who listen a particular style of music shows a specific personality because agreeing with that would conduct to the assumption that every person has a unique style of music, like a unique personality that is expected to have. To study relations between music styles and habits or incidence of illnesses or problems in life of listeners seems to be, in my opinion, a tricky work that tries to extract formal and serious conclusions from a net of complexity that is far from being just a question of photographing brains or treating statistical results towards a scientific result.
Maybe the investigators are not the responsible for that information based in linearity, but the journalists use the data available to sell articles that implicitly want to say that if you listen rock and jazz you are like this, or if you listen R&B and hip hop you are like that, leaving the reader free to think that if he wants to be like that instead of like this, he just needs to turn the tune and magically his life changes automatically.
Searching relations of the kind presented based in the scientific method can be very hard to do, but I think people must be very careful while interpreting the results and even more when extracting information from clues. Tendencies are not pure relations and that is the key for understanding that it is not fair to leave the readers thinking that maybe they are the same, with all the possible consequences.

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  1. Meu caro Marcelo Melo, se a arte tiver relação directa com a personalidade de cada um, então terá razão. Mas eu tenho dúvidas acerca disso. Grandes génios, em todas as áreas da arte, revelaram-se pessoas pouco nobres enquanto homens.
    E em relação à música, acho que não é assim tão linear. A música tem muito de magia. É uma ave que voa alto, que não se submete ao gradeamento da personalidade. Nem de quem faz musica, nem de quem a ouve. Quantas pessoas de ar sizudo guardarão o segredo de gostar de insuspeitos estilos musicais!!


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