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When I started writing in this blog, I was trying to keep feeding my writing skills so that my ideas could be well organized and become public in the structured way I was intending to express them.
After many posts where I had opportunity to explore very different aspects and perspectives of either abstract or concrete subjects, I decided that it might be doubly interesting to open my words to the whole world, meaning this to start writing in English. This option, for a student of English as I am, is worthy to achieve higher levels of vocabulary and written expression.
The aim of choosing this title was to emphasize that my attitude is just an example of the globalization effects. In fact, my feeling of opening doors to world by writing in English is a proof that our minds, nowadays, are becoming more global and less restrict to our countries, cities or neighbourhoods. Of course that internet plays a fundamental role in all this changing.
I hope now more people can access this blog and be in touch with a perspective of a 20 year-old-chemical-engineering student, that far from wanting to impose his ideas has just an interest to share them with people searching for open discussions. Please feel free to comment and to criticize, I don’t feel comfortable when the answers are often favourable to my ideas.
I’ll try to keep with the diversity of subjects like I’ve tried to do while writing in Portuguese. For my readers in Portuguese language, my sincere wishes are that this structural changing in this blog don’t promote your disinterest. Feel serene, I will not stop Portuguese language. You’ve been good readers!
My final words are dedicated to my future errors. As mentioned, I’m just a student of English language, so mistakes are a consequence of my effort to improve and reach an acceptable quality.

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