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Today I bring to discussion a fact that was object of my attention although seeming very obvious and simple.
Despite knowing that a catalogue or list is a product of human need to have an order of any kind that allow a quicker dealing with information, based in organization principles, it is however interesting to realise that people so different can be put together just because of name or birthday.
One such case of that can be found on cell phone contacts list. There, the danger of contacting the wrong person can be a question of an incorrect press. The list of contacts based on names do not include profoundly crucial things like the kind of relation the person has to you, so it has a consequence of allowing a random combination of family, friends and work contacts. Grandfather, girlfriend and your boss are one improbable but possible sequence combination. We have to remember that sometimes the names of contacts assume other words than the real names, what helps to develop a higher random predominance in our expectations.
The fantastic thing about that rather than the danger of wrong message sending or phone call try, is that we accept that order established by lists, because they seem to make sense according to names and designations, but if we experience reading them in sequence, our thoughts are conducted in such a path that some of them may be in opposite positions of your brain, according to feelings towards them.
In addition it is also funny to realise how a so diverse sort of people have a connection in particular list that serve as a criteria to join them together. A rule that means nothing in practical terms since those elements of the group may even be unknown to each other for a whole life.
More than a try to extract a conclusion this is a text of observation, aiming to bring up the fact from the cabinet of known but unthought things of human life.

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