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Personal motivation is definitely a key for success and improvement.
Why not start with that classic image of a donkey pulling a cart because of seeing a carrot that a man intentionally tries to catch donkeys attention by using a stick attached to the carrot. This image despite simple and of easy understanding, can be used as a metaphor to our own lives and motivation aspects.
Although in the case of the donkey the animal needs a human to let the work be done with the motivation of a fresh carrot, if we abstract from the connotation of donkey so that comparing is not a problem, I would say that each person can be the donkey and the human of that image on personal life.
To explore that I call some moments of life in which a motivating activity that will occur later acts in the precedent activities as a source of motivation, producing by that a motivation otherwise difficult to get. This is the case of being the donkey and the human, while the carrot is the later activity and the cart the such moment.
A person that has an encounter with friends, a play to watch, or any pleasured activity planned to have or do, will be a case of self motivation based in the principles of the donkey, the human, the cart and the carrot.
Because lives tend to be monotonous during the week as a result of job compromises, people lose quality of living by having no tricks like that to reach higher level of motivation during boring or predictable tasks.
In the same way people plan weekends, I suppose weeks should deserve a certain planning to. Films, plays, dinners, meeting, receiving visits, walks, games, phone calls to family and other things could improve the will of facing a whole week of stress and activity.
It is true the we all survive without interfering in motivation process, but will be a slave of donkey position and the stick with carrot will hardly be in own hands.

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