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My attention was caught in the realisation that some people abuse of bringing into their conversation the quotations of distinct known personalities.
After thinking about it, my thoughts hold in the idea that the habit of overusing quotations can be understood by some different perspectives.
It is possible to have a person that in the same way his friends use to repeat specific words or expressions, develop a tendency to bring to conversations parts of discourses from known people that he or she have read or listened to. In this case, that practice is not offensive, despite a considerable period of time being needed to realise it perfectly.
Other possibility is seeing the habit as a subtle and opportunist way that may be assumed by someone to create an impression of knowledge and erudition. If true this is the malefic use of quotations, since it can be seen rather than a respect for author rights, a use of their own words, sometimes work, not to praise them but for personal attributes.
Finally, a last understanding can be taken to consider cases in which the feeling of inferiority encourages the recurrence to quotations. To be clear, this practice might be use in a dinner where a guest feels his audience is richer in terms of culture, so that expressing own ideas can be dangerous to pride and imprudent. By abusing the references of famous people’s words, the technical problem of sharing own ideas can be hided and the conversations will not be a serious problem.
Personally, I do not use quotations often, despite seeing it as good tool for some moments that those specific words or expressions of quotations seem to match perfectly in the meaning and clarity wanted. As mentioned, only time of interaction with a person allow the perception of the kind of use given to quotations. However, a trivial idea can fill as conclusion: moderation is the key for a good use of it.

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