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Every time I watch religious radicals on television, my upset grows in the same way my incomprehension does.
If we keep those images in our minds it is very probable that rather than trying to understand we will be conducted to a situation of combating violently such evil.
I believe that radicalism is far from being just a religious or political problem. Each person has a disposition to be radical in a specific type of questions. We can find it in football, in justice, in food preferences or in musical preferences, for example.
I don’t feel prepared to discuss the fundaments of radicalism, but my guess is that radicalism origins in one out of two possibilities. Firstly it can be a consequence of having no possibility to known different perspectives, like trying to think as if in the head of the opposite side. Secondly it is possible to justify radicalism as a consequence of being lazy in terms of searching and become instructed about the things in a more neutral way, what can be easily done if the search for knowledge centres in the opposite perspective of the same question. This second possibility is independent of interest, in that it resides uniquely in the will of subjecting the perspective defended to some contradictory discussion.
It is important to refer once again that we tend to see radicalism as a distant thing, only present in people seen on television. In fact, that is a result of having little sense about our own radicalisms. They are born small but can become a monster and destroy even the question that was in the base of its purpose, inasmuch it becomes an uncontrolled walk into somewhere sometimes worse than the initial problem.
Finally I want to say something about radicalism according to its effect on personality. Despite its badness, radicalisms define easily a person as a proper individual and not as a vulgar one in many, than the constant neutral behaviour.

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